Tiffany & Co HARDWEAR

Jesinta Franklin in collaboration with Tiffany & Co. for the launch of the new HardWear collection

Styled by Aleysha Campbell (CM Stylists) // Grooming Kristin Brett (Work)


Aussie-Italian makeup artist/style icon/mother of two gorgeous girls/all round epic female, jumps in front of the camera for her well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Recognised as a muse by Marysia Swim on this occasion.


Pretty much every time I shoot with a new medium I do just about everything to cock it up! At least this time I actually managed to get the spools to take...  

This experimental shoot was of the ancient camera variety. I have inherited a few cool box brownies and folding cameras over the years so I figured this was a good enough excuse to test with Meike before she was sent back to Holland.


Meike Siemonsma

I modified a few rolls to fit in the 620 format cameras, so some of the negatives got crushed up in the winding. One of the brownies was so old the mirrors were completely useless so I wasn't sure at all how I was composing the image. In all honesty, I wasn't planning on double (or triple) exposing but after I realised I had done it a few times, I carried on. I also scanned the medium format in on my document scanner because I am too impatient for my flatbed scanner to arrive.  So please, excuse the mess.

Joel Phillips


MEIKE wears

Sir the label & model's own earrings